It’s like Battle Royale. But fun!
available now on steam

Don’t Stand Out

is a fast-paced take on the Battle Royale games – the ones where you have a few brief skirmishes in a half an hour match. The game uses the genre’s basics to build a multiplayer experience suited for short matches packed with action. You can play in a more traditional fashion – placing traps, controlling the location and moving between covers. Or just don’t give a monkey’s, run guns blazing and wreak havoc! It’s up to you. Don’t Stand Out is all about fun combat, not looting.

What makes Don't Stand Out special?

Fast-paced take on the Battle Royale genre
You don’t have to look for the nearest enemy for minutes – everything is lightning fast.

Short matches packed with action
The game is perfect both for a work break and for that weekend gaming marathon.

Colorful looks
‘Fun’ is the main focus for Don’t Stand Out – starting from it’s graphics.

The game features tons of costumes for you to try.

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